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In our home, we are all storytellers. We feel and breathe stories, We see them in the sky and smell them in the air. But it didn't used to be that way. In fact, it all started five years ago when our oldest daughter became fascinated with books. A girl that as soon as she could put a few words into a simple sentence started to write stories. She wrote her first story at the age of six. I remember her first attempts at making picture books. She would spend hours folding A4 sheets of white paper to make a book template and would then draw and write short stories on them.

By the age of seven, her reading skills had developed in leaps and bounds. She could read a whole chapter book by her self. That tiny little thing of a daughter with her short blonde-brown hair would sit for hours reading Harry Potter and all the Roald Dahl books we had at home - the same books we read to her when she was a baby.

It was also when she was seven that she wrote a story called "Vanilla loves cats". This story was about a girl who wanted a cat so badly that she couldn't stop thinking about it. Her story was so beautiful that I thought we could turn it into a picture book. However, by then, both me and my partner were full time academic scientists, with NO clue on how to make a children's book. So I decided to join a children's book course online, which I did together with my daughter. The course taught us how to create book characters and prepare illustrations, as well as how to properly structure and design books. For me it was a whole new world, and I felt as if I was learning a new language. I enjoyed that online course so much....perhaps more than my daughter did. I guess you can already know what happened after I finish the course...

-BOOM- Limitless imagination

Soon after the book course, I too started to write stories. My lunch breaks at work became a writing session. One story came after the other like a trains at a busy train station. One idea seemed to initiate a swathe of new ideas, and what started as a single drop of water joined others to become a waterfall. There were so many ideas that I had a hard time gathering them up and staying focused. My imagination was limitless! No one could stop me.

In the meantime, our daughters writing skills improved. She published two short stories in an anthology book prepared by Townsville writers and publishing centre (twpc).

In time, our desire to make more stories had grown to a point that we decided to make time in our life to create our own publishing house. In the last three years, I switched from holding pipettes in the lab to hold crayons, pencils, and brushes in my art studio. I learned how to translate my knowledge of biology into stories appealing to children. Because I knew the new path I was walking had piles of books on each side.

So here we are, the little red house was born. Created in inside the small garage of a small red brick house resting between the rainforest and the sea in the sunny Whitsundays region of Queensland, Australia..

It's time to write magical stories

My love for children's books and connection with nature were the foundations for me to become a children's book writers and our daughters the source of the inspiration to create a children's books publisher.

Both me and my partner have degrees in science and a wealth of experience in writing scientific publications. Combined with thus little red red house publishers has a strong focus on publishing stories that bring environmental awareness to children and help them reconnect with nature, and stories that have a splash of natural history and science.

In the near future, we would like to welcome other scientists who wish to tell a story for children to collaborate with us. if you have a children's story, but don't know how to write for this audience, let us know, we will work with you to develop it and turn it into a fantastic story suitable for children.

See our Books coming up in 2021

Welcome to the Little red house!

Sofia and Sam

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